Every once in a while it is such fun to go through some of our photos. There are thousands to choose from....some from before "Lou & Liz in the Morning"... but most from over the past 18 years of our morning show antics and appearances.

I  thought it would be fun to look back and see what has changed, and what your favorite photo is:

This was taken at a softball game when we were teens! (Can you spot me with my bangs and Lou with his mullet? LOL! Photo from Tommy Lynch
Gary Gellman's TV show....I  can't even remember the year. Perhaps 2005. (Gellman Images)
With Carlos Rodriguez at The Atlantic Club
Lou and Liz live at Ocean Medical Center in Brick
Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden after Superstorm Sandy inside Jenk's Pavilion
Lou and Liz at IHOP in Brick
With Nancy Reamy at Jenkinson's
Lou & Liz live at Kelly's
With comedian Jeff Norris
Lou and Liz live at Jenkinson's
Tom Hayes of New Jersey Natural Gas with Lou and Liz in Asbury Park
Mr. Bongiovi (yes, the father of Jon) and Angel V.
Queen and King of the Meatball Gala
(Dont ask...)
Another fun live show on St. Patrick's Day at Kelly's Tavern (Photo by Moe Keane)
Lou and Liz (Meghan Coppinger)
(That time Vincent Pastore stopped by our Asbury studio, Photo from Liz Jeressi)
Broadcasting live from The Count Basie Center
That time Lou danced shirtless to show off his six pack (um, it was a shirt...)
One of our better photos at a fundraiser for GOTCC
That time I served Lou dinner at JBJ Soul Kitchen
Our fashion show appearance with Tom Hayes from NJNG for SCAN
With You Know Who...
Halloweenish Fun
With Shannon and her son during our annual live show at The Atlantic Club in Manasquan to collect food for Fulfill
With somewonderful fans.
With Barbara Valese, Macy's Personal Shopper, who dressed us for another SCAN fashion show at Monmouth Mall
Another cozy fireplace shot at The Atlantic Club
(Gellman Images)


(Gellman Images circa 2016)
(Gellman Images 2018)
(Gellman Images 2018)