Liz Jeressi

The Things Lou Sees
The rumor is true. Liz and I put as much between us as possible so we don't have to look at each other in the morning, but once in a while what I see makes me shake my head.
Working With A Diva
Sometimes I sit in the studio in absolute shock at what comes out of my co host's mouth. It's official. I work with a diva.
Liz Immortalized In A Song
When Liz's son Benjamin told me he jokingly refers to her as "meanie", it was too good for me to pass up. He does it right to her face and it's all in good fun of course.. Benjamin loves music, so I offered to help him write a song about it. Nice of me, right?
New Studio Brings Me Closer To Liz Than Ever
You've probably heard us talking on the air about our new studio. Well, today is the first day we're broadcasting from here. The  first thing I noticed is my distance from Liz. In the old studio it was a comfortable 12 feet 4 inches (yes I measured). In the new studio, she's…