I always become frustrated when people say things like "That's just the way it's always been" when I question things that 'the masses' do. In this case, it's breakfast foods.

Who is it that decided which foods 'should' be eaten for breakfast? I mean, food is food. So WHY does everyone seem to think that the only foods 'acceptable' for breakfast are things like eggs, pancakes, pastries, energy bars, yogurt, smoothies, juices, oatmeal/hot cereals, cold cereals, hash brows/potatoes, and meats like bacon and sausage?

First of all, if you're trying your best to get healthy (like I am) then half of the stuff on a normal breakfast menu isn't good for your health (or that of your children.) Even with the new food labels, added sugars are not in bold type and sometimes you really have to search a label to see just how much sugar is in an item -- even (and sometimes especially) yogurts, cereals, and juices. Bacon, sausage, ham -- all unhealthy. Grains/gluten -- horrible for some, dairy -- not great for many...etc.

So why do I get made fun of when I choose to bring salmon and brussel sprouts to work for breakfast? Why is it that a meal such as that one is perfectly acceptable for dinner -- even lunch -- but frowned upon in the morning?

For me, the protein, vitamins/minerals, healthy fat, fiber, etc. make this an amazing meal, even (or maybe even especially) at the start of your day. I have never been a fan of most breakfast foods and I don't see why it is so offensive to my co-workers. I have frequently been known to eat all kinds of steamed veggies for breakfast, from peas to asparagus, and my breakfast proteins quite often consist of peanut butter or tuna.  They are just the foods I like better, they are healthy, and sometimes I make extra of my healthy dinners knowing I can reheat the leftovers for breakfast.

Plus, my trainer, Karen Megles (P.R.E.P. program at The Atlantic Club), says she agrees that's a good choice for me :)

Also, having been in the gym for a month straight now, I am finally starting to notice my muscles getting stronger, my flexibility improving, my stamina for cardio increasing, and my mindset is slightly more positive (lol!)

Small steps, and, at least in my case, seem to be the better way to create long-lasting change. Because anytime I do too much too quickly, the results never last.

Soooooooo...here's to staying positive, hopeful, and making decent choices as often as I am able to.

How's your journey to health coming along?

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