In order to have more better days than bad days (aka 'cheat days') surrounding myself with people like these two has helped a lot.

Meet Karen Megles and Robin Lynch. Karen is a personal trainer and Robin is a registered dietician nutritionist.

And if it wasn't for these two, and other like-minded friends of mine who lead by example, I would be having a very difficult journey to staying on a wellness path.

You know how you have friends whose chemistry just works perfectly with yours? Well, when you're trying to find a trainer or registered dietician, or even just a workout partner or running partner...or someone to share healthy meals with -- it's important that the person to whom you're turning for support is the type of person you really feel good around.

That's how I instantly felt with Karen and Robin.

To be able to find people like that to help, advise, support, patiently answer all of my crazy questions, listen to my rants and complaints, and basically be able to put up with a personality like mine, I count myself both lucky and grateful.

"I don't wanna!!!!!" is a term I hear my 3-year old self ranting to me in my head more often than not as I try to drag myself to the gym or choose a healthy snack over a sleeve of cookies.

Yet I am met at the gym by these two experts with positivity, simple, easy-to-follow ideas for workouts and health eating, and a certain amount of accountability that leaves me not wanting to disappoint them or make excuses.

I imagine these girls watching me while I am grocery shopping or doing my cardio...thinking that I want to be able to tell them all of the good that I am doing in my life thanks to them!

Whether it's learning how to workout around my injuries ((Karen), or planning meals and snacks to last a week (Robin), with these two by my side I feel HOPE!

If you would like to find out more about the people I work with, CLICK HERE and HERE.

And if you would like info on the wellness program I am participating in, CLICK HERE.

And, finally, if I can be of any support as a friend in your life on your journey to wellness, feel free to email me!


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