Trying to eat right and exercise (especially in the yucky weather months) would be nearly impossible for me without these two important things. Maybe my humble advice will help you, too.

1. Patience and faith to let the process take as long as it needs to throughout life. Because many times in the past I expected to see major and unrealistic results immediately, and if I didn't, I'd get depressed and give up...and then comfort myself with junk food (on the couch, under a blanket, while binge watching a show.)

The other thing I would do was to have an 'all or nothing' mentality. Which meant that I could never have a cheat meal or skip a day of exercising. And that once I did (because we're all human) I would call myself a failure and give up right away.

I will also remind you that choosing to become (and remain) healthy is a long-term lifestyle change, and rushing through some silly 6-week program where you lose 20 pounds too quickly, usually results in long-term failure. Most people I know who have done this 'cult-like' type of group thing have gained back all the weight or weren't able to sustain the insane workouts. But learning the science behind how you should eat and slowly building in new and better habits and making better choices as you go...and, again, practicing patience instead of getting mad at yourself that you're not losing fast enough, is really the key to long-term success.

2. Be accountable to someone (and usually that is NOT your BFF.) I have tried going to the gym and eating right with friends. But usually after a while it becomes TOO comfortable -- comfy enough for you both to agree to bag the workout and clean eating in exchange for the bottle of wine and some chocolate that you both 'deserve' so much. It's too easy to understand when your friend says she has a migraine and you'd rather bring her coffee than tell her you're still going to stick to the plan and go to the gym.

I find that the best investment of your time and money is to join a program or sign up with a registered dietician (the real experts that have gone to school for this and are certified) and/or a personal trainer. And if your first thought is that you don't have that kind of money, there are affordable programs. PLUS: your health insurance might cover meeting with a dietician, and your doctor can refer you to a program that costs only a dollar a day!!! (More on that below.)

But also, it is super helpful if the person or people in your home who do the cooking (if it's not you) or who eat with you (aka your spouse, family, roommate) can respect that you are trying to take care of your health and join in to support you or, at the very least, keep their bad foods away from you.

When I know I have an appointment with my trainer (Karen Meggles) it gets me to the gym every time. Because I don't want to disrespect someone's time. (Whereas, ironically, without the trainer, I would disrespect myself and skip the gym with the slightest of last-minute excuses.) And getting there IS the battle, so if knowing you have a trainer waiting for you gets you in, that is worth it all!

*** There are several amazing programs at The Atlantic Club that are designed for your long-term success and providing the best support system to help you along the way, but the one I am taking is only $1 a day for 2 months. Yep. $60 for a lifetime of advice -- both nutritionally and in the form of an exercise program with a personal trainer. And it's through your doctor that you can get in.

All you have to do is see your primary physician or ob/gyn and get a referral to this program to be eligible. (You don't have to be a member of The Atlantic Club.)

CLICK HERE to find out about the P.R.E.P. (Physician Referred Exercise Program) where you get not only a personal trainer but seminars with an amazing registered dietician!


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