One thing about a long winter is that it doesn't give you a lot more time to prepare for the dreaded bathing suit season, but experts want to help you if you're trying to diet.

One of the worst parts about dieting is always feeling hungry, and experts are offering some advice on some of the foods that will help fill you up if you are trying to diet, and some of them may pleasantly surprise you.

Have you been avoiding potatoes? Afraid of the carbohydrates? According to some experts, maybe you shouldn't. They say they are loaded with vitamins and according to a survey of dieters, those who ate a potato felt fuller and ate less two hours later, according to

Experts also say eating eggs may help fill you up as well. After you digest the eggs, amino acid will force the release of hormones that actually suppress your appetite. In a study, people who ate eggs for breakfast ate 330 less calories per day.

Apples contain something called pectin, which naturally slows up your digestion process and makes you feel more full, and greek yogurt was determined to be the single best food for losing weight according to a Harvard study that spanned 20 years and watched the eating pattern of 120,000 people, according to the article.

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