Magazines are in the business of making money, but sometimes selling out to sell one issue can cost you more in the long run.

Rolling Stone will be testing that theory with its new issue.

The mag decided to profile Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, featuring him on the cover.

Rolling Stone

I'm rarely offended by things, but I find this cover to be disrespectful and hurtful. Not to me, but to every victim of this now glorified douche.

Why aren't they putting Jeff Bauman on the cover? He's the guy who lost both legs in the blast, who we all saw in that one shocking photo being pushed away from the scene in a wheelchair while a Good Samaritan pinched his artery closed.


Jeff Bauman took his first steps with his new legs last week. Where's his cover?


Bauman is the real rock star we should be reading about. He is fighting to get his life back, no matter how tough the battle.

Instead, Rolling Stone chose to profile the individual who caused so much pain to so many. They call it an 'account of how a popular student...became a monster.'


Shame on them. It doesn't matter how he wound up that way. He doesn't deserve any more attention, and he most certainly doesn't deserve any sympathy. Just because he had a rough home life doesn't give him an excuse to kill and maim dozens of people.

I'm not one to call for boycotts, because, well, to each his own, but I do believe Rolling Stone should apologize to the Boston Marathon victims, and perhaps use some common sense in the future.

What's more important: being edgy or having integrity?

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