The idea of a grand opening date for this supermarket was nice while it lasted.

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that Corrado's Market in Brick was expected to open on July 4th?  There's some bad news...

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What's going on with Corrado's Market in Brick?

We've been waiting long enough for the highly desired supermarket to open in Laurel Square.  The store was first announced in the summer of 2019 but got held up due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Then, a for-rent sign sparked rumors that the market may never open!

Our fears were eased just a few weeks ago with the news of the July 4th opening, but now, signs on the store's window once again point to our hopes and dreams for Corrado's Market being in trouble.

According to Brick Shorebeat, courts have evicted the supermarket from Laurel Square shopping center.  Eviction notices have been posted on the store's windows.  That can't be good.

Will Corrado's Market in Brick ever open?

The future of the store seems up in the air at this point.  Per Brick Shorebeat, the landlord now has possession of the building and the owners are aware of the eviction.

It's unclear whether or not this could be turned around.  I don't know if we should remain hopeful for a July 4th opening, or even an opening altogether.

This seems like such a disappointing end to a market we were all looking forward to.  Hopefully, the journey to opening Corrado's Market in Brick is not over yet.

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