Nobody could have predicted things would end this way.

Corrado's Market in Brick has brought Ocean County on a rollercoaster of emotions.  We were excited at the news of the store's opening in 2019.  Then, saddened when the plans were halted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the past couple of years, we were frustrated when no progress seemed to be made on the store's opening.  Then finally, a few weeks ago, the promise of a July 4th opening left us relieved and excited!  But yesterday, that all came to an end when we were left confused when we learned of the market's eviction.

The roller coaster of emotions comes to a sad stop today, as we've finally learned the fate of the once-promising supermarket in Laurel Square.

Will Corrado's Market in Brick, NJ ever open?

This morning, the Overheard in Brick Facebook Group was buzzing with updates about the fate of Corrado's. Unfortunately, it was bad news.

Photo Courtesy of Dan Loevy via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Dan Loevy via Facebook

Say goodbye to the thought of delicious pastries and sandwiches in Brick, because as of right now, Corrado's will not be opening in Laurel Square.

Posters in the Overheard in Brick Facebook Group wasted no time sharing pictures of a company removing the Corrado's Market sign in Laurel Square.  And it feels like salt in the wound to many of us in Ocean County who were so excited to shop there.

Photo Courtesy of Faithe Michele via Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Faithe Michele via Facebook

Will Corrado's Market in Brick move anywhere else?

It's unclear whether or not Corrado's Market will relocate to somewhere else in Ocean County.  But as of right now, any chance of Corrado's opening in Laurel Square is just not happening.

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