Some people get in bed and fall asleep within 10 minutes of hitting the pillow.

If that's you, consider yourself lucky.

Others toss and turn all night, never getting a full night's sleep.

The last thing you want is to start your day off cranky and exhausted.

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Here's a question for ya!

If you could put a price tag on sleep, how much would you be willing to pay?

I recently had a conversation with someone who told me that he struggles to fall asleep every single night. He even said he would be willing to pay...for sleep!

It got me thinking how much is sleep worth?

Photo by Andisheh A on Unsplash
Photo by Andisheh A on Unsplash

I found a recent study that asked that exact question.

Adults should be getting around 7 hours of sleep, but do we?

Many people ARE NOT.

Mattress Clarity asked how much people in each state are prepared to shell out for a good night of sleep.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How Much Would New Jersey Pay For A Good Night's Sleep?


Yes, New Jerseyans are willing to pay $143 just for sleep.

If you work in healthcare you're even willing to pay more.


That's how much some people desperately need a good night's rest.

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Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash
Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

The article states:

First off, getting proper sleep can improve heart health. People who don’t obtain the recommended amount of healthy sleep can have a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack, but getting good sleep can significantly lower that risk.

If you have any sleep recommendations please share in the comments below.

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