How much do you love pizza?

This is New Jersey so I'm guessing the answer is A LOT!

We have amazing pizzerias and the most delicious pizza here in this state and the best part is you don't have to drive far to find the perfect slice.

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We all have our favorite spot, but that doesn't mean we won't venture out and try new places.

But we're also very busy in New Jersey.

We work long hours with often long commutes and busy schedules at home take up a lot of our time during the day.

Some nights there's not enough time to prepare dinner with all the kid's activities and ordering out every night gets expensive.

Sometimes it's easier to just throw a frozen pizza in the oven and call it a night.

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However, 24/7 Wall St. released a list of the worst frozen pizza brands to avoid. Here are the 3 pizza brands they recommend avoiding.

The Worst Frozen Pizza Brands Found In New Jersey

#3 - Whole Foods 365

The third worst pizza brand in New Jersey can be found at Whole Foods. The biggest complaint is the low-quality crust, "pasty sauce" and skimpy appearance. A box of this pizza costs around $5.29.

#2 - Tony's Pizza

This brand is one of the very first frozen pizzas, but "watery," "goopy," and "tasteless" are some of the words used to describe this pizza. You can purchase Tony's pizza for less than $4.

#1 - Totino's Pizza

The biggest complaint about Totino's Pizza is that it has a high level of sodium and 16 individual ingredients for just the cheese. If you have the entire pizza the amount of sodium you would consume is 1,500 mg.

This is New Jersey so I'm not sure how much frozen pizza people are eating, but I'm curious if there are any GOOD frozen pizza brands.

Or you can just go to any of these local pizzerias below and get yourself a good slice of pizza!

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