"Save Tinton Falls" signs are all over the place in the area where a giant highway could take over a beautiful area.

The signs say "Stop Monmouth County's Urban Blight!" and give a web address for you to get more info: CLICK HERE.

Many residents in Northern Tinton Falls want to stop what they call the urban sprawl on Sycamore Ave. and claim that Monmouth County wants to turn Sycamore Ave. into a 5-lane highway -- along the lines of Kozloski Road in Freehold.

It all started with the request for a traffic light a the intersection of Hance and Sycamore Avenues, which has been going on for years and which everyone seems to agree is necessary.

But the residents behind these signs say the county is holding that traffic light hostage because they want bigger changes, claiming the intersection is too busy and must be widened along the shoulders, with added lanes on each side and in the center, along with a 4-lane Hope Road between Sycamore and Tinton Avenues and other updates to the area.

The protesting residents say this move will take property from some, destroy property values in the area, and increase traffic through what is currently a residential neighborhood.

Those protesting say that the entire neighborhood is about to become a thru-way for Monmouth County.

They deliver this message to residents in that area: "If you live anywhere on Sycamore, Hope or Hance- or in any of the developments which are fed by those roads, you will soon be experiencing commercial like environments which will make entering or exiting your driveways or developments dangerous- as they will soon become 4 lane highways."

​They go on to say that there have been towns in our area who have rejected similar plans for over-engineered roads through their historic old towns, and fought successfully to find more simple solutions, including Holmdel, Middletown, Fair Haven, Shrewsbury, Little Silver, and Rumson. Those towns have all told the county to please make their roads safe, but do NOT over engineer them and destroy the fabric of their neighborhoods.

Those protesting say if you want an idea of what this potential highway work in Tinton Falls will do, take a look at what the County did to the historical areas surrounding Freehold, because that is what is soon coming to Northern Tinton Falls. "Sycamore Avenue is first, Hance Avenue is next, and Hope Road after that. Get ready, because its coming." The protesters say this would turn the area into a maze of connected 5 to 6 lane highways that will support over development of Tinton Falls and the new real estate ventures in Fort Monmouth.

Residents who support keeping this area of Tinton Falls the neighborhood that it is are asked to CLICK HERE to read all the details, make comments, sign a petition, and even make a donation to the cause to help with a retainer for legal representation.





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