When it comes to the Parkway or the Turnpike, you don't get a lot in the way of courtesy around here. But when it comes to local roadways, we can be courteous, can't we?

I see it all the time on the local roads. Most people don't hesitate to let someone ahead of them or give them a little room to enter a road from a parking lot if they can safely do it. We are, after all we are civilized and pretty nice people.

But there's no doubt that our common courtesy changes when you factor in one little word...traffic. No one has a problem sharing our roadways, unless of course that gesture will cost you 6 feet in traffic or the dreaded missing of a green light.

It seems the minute there's a slowdown on the roads, a little switch is flipped our brains that tells us to go into "Jersey" mode. We've all seen it. The same cars you let get ahead of you a few miles back because the traffic was moving, is now an enemy, trying to invade the five feet ahead of your car that you have determined is now your property.

Or how about those cars that creep up to within an inch of the car in front of them so you can't get out of your lane, which you just realized is closed ahead due to construction. I have a question for those drivers. Where are you going? There's 4 miles of traffic ahead of you at a complete stop. Did those 5 feet make you feel better?

So, are we courteous on the roads in New Jersey? You bet we are! Unless of course there's traffic, or construction, or rain, or we're late, or we had a bad day at work.

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