I am writing this to let those of you who are really struggling know that you are not alone.

This Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of this stupid, stinky, nobody asked for COVID-19 Pandemic and I can say without a doubt that I am losing my mind.

I have been seeing a therapist once a week to try and hold it together, but I must admit....I am hanging on by a thread.

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There are times I go into the session feeling so upset, angry or I am crying up a storm....and I don't even know why.

I know by now we have all heard the phrase "COVID FATIGUE." You guys, it is a very real thing that should not be minimized.

So if you are someone who is irrationally angry or crying 24/7, this is normal!

That is because the human body is not designed to handle a big stressor, like the COVID-19 Pandemic, for this long.

My therapist broke it down for me: the control is being taken out of our hands.

We can't run from the problem. It's global.

We can't face the problem. The options are quarantine or to put yourself and those close to you at risk which offers zero help with a solution.

So basically, we have all been left in this uncomfortable spot in limbo.

My main point is that if I have been struggling and I am on the air every day while laughing and smiling....that means that there are others right under your nose that may be holding on by a thread as well.

The stigma regarding mental health is starting to change....but I would still bet that a majority of friends, coworkers and family who say they are "fine" are not actually fine.

I get it....everyone is going through the pandemic so why burden others with the very same problems?

I used to think that way and just because others are struggling, well that doesn't make your struggle any less real or valid.

Talk to those around you. Even if you simply choose to cry with someone simply listening on the other end of a phone call or Face Time.

And my god, "me time" has never been more important. Unplug, do things that make you happy and be PHYSICALLY distant....not socially so you can still remain connected with others, even if it is just through FaceTime.

But his biggest piece of advice: To be kind to myself.

We are not going to be as motivated or productive these days. And it is OKAY!

I know we have been trying to remain positive by saying things like:

"The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight."

"We can make it through this together."

 But it is okay not to be okay....and acknowledging that fact can be a huge self breakthrough of putting yourself together.

I am struggling. I am hurting. And it is okay if you are too.

Sending love to all...especially those in dire need of it right now.

Nicole S. Murray

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