You are never going to guess the next retailer that the Centers for Disease Control could soon be working with to offer the COVID-19 Vaccine.

I will say this....I did not see this one coming.

It is.....*drum roll please*....DOLLAR GENERAL!

Dollar General is paying hourly employees for up to 4 hours to go get BOTH vaccines.
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I told you it was a shocker.

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And why is this so surprising? Because Dollar General stores don't have pharmacies.

But I did some digging and this piece of news is not as outlandish as I first thought.

Dollar General is one of the country's largest retailers with more than 16,000 locations across the entire nation.

That is THREE TIMES the number of Walmart locations and approximately TWO TIMES more than CVS and Walgreens locations.

Walmart, CVS and Walgreens are all currently offering the COVID-19 Vaccine in their pharmacies so by incorporating Dollar General, we are at least doubling the number of available vaccination sites.

Not to mention, choosing Dollar General stores will ensure that the population in rural areas have access to the vaccine. If this issue is not handled, the pandemic could last even longer!

"In rural areas, residents often don't have access to big-box stores," said Rochelle Walensky, CDC director. "We're exploring a promising collaboration with Dollar General stores, which have locations that include refrigeration capacity within 10 or 15 miles of our rural communities in all but four states."

Here is my take on this:

The more COVID-19 Vaccination Sites the better. I trust our CDC representatives and if Dollar General stores are given the green light, I am all in.

You know -- especially after all we have been through this past year -- that our health professionals are going to do everything they can so these these sights are safe and effective.

They'll use refrigerators on sight to keep them at the right temperature and we will be good to go.

I NEED TO BE LET OUT OF MY APARTMENT PEOPLE. So put these vaccination sights at Dollar General, put them at bars, put them on the beach...I DON'T CARE.

The more sights there are, the quicker people get vaccinated and the faster this crap is done and over with.

Let's finish up....are you with me?

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