It looks like things might be starting to head in the right direction

The largest COVID-19 vaccine trial to date started on Monday with 30,000 volunteers ready to receive the test shots to see if our medical professionals have officially found a cure to the coronavirus.

Here is what makes this study legitimate: some volunteers will receive the test vaccine and others will receive a placebo.

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The volunteers will be closely monitored by scientists after receiving two doses of the test vaccine to compare "who experienced more infections as they go about their daily routines."

These trials are also being done to ensure that these vaccines are safe.

This is still very much in the testing stages but the fact that we have a few vaccines that are ready to be tested on thousands of volunteers is a very good sign.

There are a few other possible vaccines that will soon be ready to undergo trials on another 30,000 volunteers soon.

That's a lot of volunteers needed, right?

Well the good news is that 150,000 Americans have already expressed interest in being a volunteer but they are still accepting other inquiries.

“These trials need to be multi-generational, they need to be multi-ethnic, they need to reflect the diversity of the United States population,” said Dr. Larry Corey, a virologist with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle, who helps oversee the study sites.

If you or someone that you know is interested in volunteering to test out a COVID-19 vaccine, CLICK HERE. And yes, I did volunteer myself already.

This is something that you should only do if you are comfortable and if you are not for any reason, then just do your part and practice social distancing and wear your face mask when necessary.

Try and stay positive because the fact that we are starting trials less than a year into this pandemic is very impressive. Usually vaccines can take years to thank you to our hard working scientists and medical professionals who are speeding this process up.

Take a look at the original article at and keep your fingers crossed while we wait to hear about the results.

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