Fun Fact: the sale of cigarettes peaked to the highest numbers in history during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Not surprising considering everyone's drinking spiked off the charts right along with it.

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But are you thinking that maybe it is time to quit this unhealthy habit?

I get if you are hesitant. Nicotine withdrawal is no joke and is known to cause depression, agitation, anger and more.

"Nicole, you aren't exactly convincing me that I should be trying to quit."

It's a fair response, but there is also a reason I am telling you all this. Fair.

Health Campaigners Call For A Tobacco Levy To Help Smokers Quit
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But what if I told you there might be a way to skip the insane symptoms that come with giving up Nicotine for good?

There soon might be a feasible option available in New Jersey.

Let's take a look...and smokers, let me know what you think....

New Jersey Cigarette Smokers Could Soon Have Pill That Makes Quitting Easier

If you live in New Jersey, are over 18 and smoke at least 10 cigarettes per day, you could take part in a study that could change what it is like to quit permanently. A new pill could soon hit the market making quitting easier!

So what do you think? Does this sound like something that could be for you?

Remember, they are looking for trial participants right here in New Jersey since the study is being conducted in Princeton!

Health Campaigners Call For A Tobacco Levy To Help Smokers Quit
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If you are currently trying to quit, GOOD LUCK! I know it's not easy but I am rooting for you.





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