A new Crate & Barrel Outlet in Eatontown is now open!

Our community is debating as to whether or not this will turn into an actual store, but, for now, in place of the old Lord & Taylor at Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, there is a temporary Crate & Barrel warehouse that some have read will remain until Jan. 2021.

Many people are really excited that the sign says today is the day it opens, after much speculation as to whether or not this is a temporary thing or if it could become an actual store in the mall, or if it's just a pick-up location for online orders.

But if it's based on popularity among those in our community, everyone seems to be hoping this will turn into a permanent store! Some went so far as to research job listings for the location and say that this is just a pop-up store.

Still others say they have seen signs of life that some Lord & Taylor stores are actually reopening, and hope that will be the case for the Monmouth Mall location of L&T.

So far I haven't been able to get concrete confirmation, but people sure are talking about the on socials, but you can check out the rumors and gossip HERE and HERE!

Online, it says Crate & Barrel Warehouse Sale is now open and the phone number is 732-719-2100.

Follow Crate & Barrel HERE.

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