We all know it's crunch time before summer and beach season and bathing suit season arrives. So how do we make a dent in the quarantine 15?

I am not a great dieter, and no one put on the quarantine 15 faster than I did. And I warn you, I am far from an expert. But I took a quick glance at what I've been consuming before 2:00pm, and I realized there was something I could do on my own to get me on track.

Check out how my day started. During the pandemic I began a love affair with raspberry iced tea, and the numbers are pretty staggering.

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I was drinking two iced teas during the 4 and a half hours of the morning show. That means I was taking in 360 calories before I even ate anything. And when I did eat (around 8:00am, 4 and a half hours after I wake up), a was embracing my inner child and eating a package of 2 S'mores Pop Tarts.

That added another 370 calories to the morning tally. My breakfast total...730 calories. Not exactly off to a good start.

Heading home I'd grab 2 slices and another 2 iced teas. That's about 400 calories for the pizza and another 360 for the tea. The lunch total...760 calories.

So, it wouldn't even be 2:00pm and I'd suck in about 1500 calories.

So, what i'm thinking. if I replace the iced tea with water and Crystal Light (I can't drink plain water...yuck), and I have an apple instead of the Pop Tarts and one slice instead of two my morning total is 100 calories, and my lunch total is 200 calories.

So with just some minor changes, I can drop from 1500 calories to 300 calories at 2:00pm and I seriously doubt I'd notice much difference, So, that's what I'm going to try. It's a subtraction of 8400 calories a week.

WebMd says you need to cut 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound per week, so I like the math here. I'll give it a try and keep you updated.

Please check with a medical professional before starting any diet. I'm no professional. I'm just a guy who wants to reverse the effects of a long quarantine on my figure, just like you.

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