Man, the dating pool out there these days is getting tougher and tougher to sift through. So a very popular dating trend has been to rely on dating apps to bring you right to the singles out there. However, trying to decide which singles are worth your time are that much more difficult when solely a few pictures and light conversation are the factors that help you decide if you are interested.

Check out a few tips to hopefully save yourself some time along the hunt for your princess or prince charming.

1. Positivity is Key

If they have a lot of negative key points within their description, it would be in your best interest to swipe left. I am talking phrases like "I don't want anyone with a lot of baggage" or "swipe right if you hate [insert just about anything.]" Of course likes and dislikes are part of getting to know someone, but the negative aspect should never be the focus right off the bat or that is what their main focus will be on everything.

2. A Guy Who Has Been Hurt And Isn't Shy About It

If their answer to "what's up" has anything to do with a broken heart or thinking about their ex, run for the hills. Their heartbreak is either very recent or so in the front of their mind that that is all they can talk about; literally like word vomit. They are probably on the dating app looking for a rebound to help heal the wound.

3. Flex Photos

Yes, those flexing photos are very nice to look at but why is that all you have on your profile? Don't you have friends? A dog? Hobbies? Oh, you are your own hobby? Right, then how on earth can I date someone that is so into themselves? I would not dare interrupt that relationship.

4. More Personalized Messages

Starting off the conversation, even if online, can be the hardest part for some people. But after the plain old "hey," there should be a bit more spice added to the conversation. Otherwise, there is a fear that they are copying and pasting the same responses to a bunch of different people. Yes, they are dating sites but show some personality so that we can see if there is actually a connection before meeting in person.

5. Timely Responses

There is a gray area here because no one should be available 24 7 to respond to a tinder match but you and I both know that you were not busy for twenty four hours straight where you could not respond either. If we match, I do not want to wait three years for our first date.

6. Asking Questions

Asking questions is a sure sign that they are not only interested, but interested in getting to know you. Questions are the best and most direct way to learn facts about someone which is the sure fire way to figure out if you have things in common.

When it comes to dating, best of luck. Additional tips that I missed? Comment below!

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