As a single twenty-something, there is absolutely nothing more nerve-wracking than dating. There are so many rules, and 'games', and heaven forbid you make a wrong step in the twisted dance, or shot is GONE. You finally get to a point where you meet someone, you exchange numbers, and there's the next chess game:

Do you call or text? Should you call him or wait for him to call you? And what in the world do you say first??

According to a friend of mine (an engaged twenty-something man), the old rule that a woman should wait for a man to call her has gone out the window. He also says I need to stop over-thinking the whole thing and just call and ask him to hang out because the guy is obviously interested. (He's clearly insane if he thinks I am going to call a guy and ask him out.)

I'm much more inclined to send a simple text and let the guy take the reins as far as arranging an actual date. My friend says that's way too impersonal.

And don't even get me started on what I'm going to say in the text. I will likely go through 3 drafts before sending it. I'm already sweating just thinking about it...

What do you think: Should I take charge? Call or text?