Today is the first day that my half of the morning show is being done from my home. So welcome to the Lou Broadcast Center

Tom, our excellent engineer has been working for days on making this possible and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate his efforts. So, like so many of you, I join the thousands who are working from home.

i chose the room furthest from our bedroom so as to not wake Diane up at the  early hour that we start the show, so I’m live from the bar. But not just the bar, it has over the years become known as Lou’s Cigar Bar.

Truth be told, I never smoke inside, but I do keep my cigars, as well as my humble bourbon and scotch collection, here in one of our favorite rooms in the house. So I guess now it the the Lou’s Cigar and Broadcast Bar. That’s actually pretty cool!

So, as you prepare for your work at home day, Liz and I can help get you started from our morning show at home. For the record, she’s in Red Bank and I’m in Point Pleasant and we’re happy to be part of your morning no matter how we make it happen.

So stay safe everyone,  stay home, and we’ll get through this together.

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