It’s time for a change!

We need to say goodbye to the darkness, we all experience, when we walk out of the office.

We need a little more light in our lives in the evening.  Well, we get our wish this weekend.

I cannot believe we are now at that time of the year where we are going to “spring forward.”

That means we are back into Daylight Saving Time.  Yes, that was spelled correctly, which is always the big debate, it is “saving” time.  There is not an “s" in the word "saving."

Sonja Langford on Unsplash
Sonja Langford on Unsplash

When is Daylight Saving Time?

We make the big change on Sunday morning March 13th, 2022 and it ends on November 6th, 2022.  Fall time is when we go back one hour and gain the extra hour.

So, what does this mean for you?  We’ll have to prepare for the change early on Sunday (or late on Saturday if you like to close the bar down) we will change our clock ahead and skip right over the 2 am hour.

Here’s the good news, whenever we go ahead one hour, that means one thing, we are getting ready for springtime and then summer.

This isn’t a bad thing because we will also have more daylight when leaving work.

There has been discussed over the years, state to state, whether or not we should keep the time change but I love the idea of having more sunlight leaving work.  This is something that happens in one day.  So, I’m all for it.

The other thing we should all remember, changing our time isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

Most of our phones and computers change automatically.

Thom Bradley on Unsplash
Thom Bradley on Unsplash

Some cars will even change automatically.  We even have an alarm clock at the house that will change.

The other items you may have to change manually, are your microwave, your stove, your car (if it doesn’t do it automatically), and don't forget your watch.

So this is your friendly reminder, to change your clock ahead so you’re not late on Sunday.


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