New York has officially become the first state to ban the declawing of cats.

Many pet experts and animal welfare advocates say that this surgery is very unnecessary and painful for the cat.

According to, the procedure, "involves slicing through bone to amputate the first segment of a cat's toes." 

….Um, ouch.

There were groups who went against the bill because they argue that declawing a cat should be used as a last resort for cats who will not stop scratching others.

I mean, I get what they are saying but as of now, declawing your cat in the USA is a pretty normal habit and that is what experts are looking to change.

Declawing cats is already illegal in a majority of Europe and Canada so what are your thoughts if I said that New Jersey should be next?

I am all for banning the declawing of cats simply because the description of the procedure above sounds painful and it is not a life or death operation.

Think if it were you. Ah, that's what I thought....

New York has lead by example and I do believe it is time that we follow.

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