Living at the Shore, we're used to seeing a lot interesting things on the beach. Deer, for example. It's not uncommon to see them on the sand, but in the water, that's another thing.

Drew Inman told APP that he and his girlfriend were chilling on the beach in Belmar near 13th Avenue when a deer went into the ocean and made it 25-yards out.

A group of surfers came to the rescue and saved the deer from the rough and cold surf. It took them 30-minutes to make the rescue, and by the time the deer (and surfers) were back on the sand, they were all near the 16th Avenue jetty.

And get this, the crazy deer tried to run back into the Atlantic. Luckily, onlookers were able to chase the deer away from the beach.

Check out this incredible video!

[source: APP]

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