For me when you think “deli” you have to think east coast. Jersey, New York, Philly etc. Deli’s are an east coast thing, know what I mean? I’m sure there are some nice places elsewhere, but they are trying to copy the east coast deli.


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When I think deli I picture a busy place, lots of deli meats and cheese’s with sandwich orders and yes lots of pickles, possibly a few barrels of pickles. What type of sandwich is your favorite? For me I would go with something simple like ham and cheese. Good lean thin cut ham, thin sliced Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, rye bread, and good mustard. If not the ham and cheese, how about liverwurst with onion on rye bread with good mustard? If you are not a liverwurst fan how about chicken salad? I enjoy chicken salad with lettuce tomato and sweet peppers on a hard roll. So there are my top three deli sandwiches. Ham and cheese, Liverwurst, and Chicken Salad. How about you?
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So now that we have talked about the types of sandwiches, lets talk about New Jersey’s number one ranked “deli”. According to a recent article from Eat This, they based their Jersey “deli” selection on a survey of top deli’s in the Garden State. The article named Fiore’s Deli in Hoboken as the states number one deli.

A loyal customer of Fiore’s wrote “I have dreams about their roast beef special with gravy and famous roasted peppers! The mozzarella is deliciously salty and creamy and they get fresh bread from the bakery every day.” Thanos Pal Thanos Pal



So I have two questions, Have you been to Fiore’s? What is your favorite Jersey Shore deli? Share your comments below 👇🏻 and let’s go get a sandwich.

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