When we saw this picture, we thought it would be pretty easy to identify, but then several people we asked didn't know, so we decided to ask everyone. Can you name this Ocean County location?

When we originally asked you, we decided to add a clue, and even that was a little misleading for some people. The clue?

This spot is in the middle of a circle...sort of.

The spot is actually in the middle of a circle, but it's not a traffic circle...it's more of a parking lot circle. Does that help you at all. If not, let's try another route. Look closely at the picture.

That's a turtle, right? And turtles swim in water, right? Now where in Ocean County would they love aquatic animals so much that they would use a turtle weather vane? You're getting warmer.

So we have aquatic animal lovers in Ocean County with a parking lot with a circle so you can drive in and out more easily. If you don't know by now, you may never get it, so let's just reveal the answer...

Jenkinson's Aquarium parking lot

Jenkinson's parking lot gazebo
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

The next time you visit our friends at Jenkinson's Aquarium, look on top of the gazebo in the middle of the lot and you'll see our friend the turtle!

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