U.S. Sen. Cory Booker is upset. His opponent referred to the large body of water and sand surrounding it as "the beach." 

Booker was supposed to attend a fundraiser with President Obama in Union Township when Jeff Bell sent this statement out:

Rather than just spend his time in New Jersey indoors at a Democratic Party fundraiser, President Obama should join with Cory Booker and engage with voters by the beach while the weather's still pleasant.

Booker responded with:

"Note to Virginia resident Jeff Bell: Here in New Jersey, we call it 'the Shore."

Note to Sen. Booker. Here in Monmouth/Ocean, most of us call it "the beach." Bennies call it "the Shore." You don't want to be labelled a "benny," do you? I realize a lot of us are also transplants, but people who live within reasonable distance of the ocean call it "the beach." Don't these guys have more important things to debate? And no, my opinion has nothing to do with politics.

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