I'll be honest I don't know why they call them "stink" bugs? I know they can give off a scent if bothered, but I have never smelt the "stank" am I just lucky? lol

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Every time I have seen a stink bug in our home, which is not very often, they are usually by a window. I generally scoop them up and either give em' a flush or out the door they go. Sometimes they are attached on a screen and on the outside so I just smack them and they fall off the screen.

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Now I have read some horror stories about people who have had stink bug infestations and had a bunch of the little pests in their home, that sounds bad. Yes, some say they have smelt the puff of a stink bug. Sue Moll describes the scent as that of an "oily skunk". So imagine if you had a bunch and they all "broke wind" YUK!

So what do we do to keep our homes clean and smelling good? According to a Patch article, there are several things you can do at home to help battle against stink bugs.

According to the Patch article, it's all about sealing up your home, making sure the stinkers can't get it. They suggest you go around and seal up any openings..." gaps and crevices around foundations and any area where doors, windows, chimneys, and utility pipes are cut into the exterior."

Personally, I have found just gently grabbing them with a tissue keeps them from stinking you up and then just get rid of them. It seems the less ruckus you make, the less chance you'll get "stunk" on...so be a "stink bug ninja" and you should be ok, of course if you have a severe problem call your local exterminator for professional advice :)


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