These five adorable dogs are currently looking for the next new love of their life, and it could just be you!

All of these dogs are currently at the Monmouth County SPCA so if you see someone that pulls at your heart strings, visit their website or give them a call at 732.542.0040 for adoption details.

1. Jenna

puppy 1

Jenna is pictured with her shelter sweetheart, Ashia, who says she is playful, especially when it comes to playing fetch, and is always down for a cuddle session. No matter where or when, Jenna will always be able to lift your spirits! She could be your next new best friend!


2. Rojo

puppy 2

Say hello to Rojo with his shelter sweetheart Lindsay who says that this little freckled-nose fur ball will steal your heart immediately. He is sweet, well-behaved, and loves to show off his various tricks. But don’t be fooled because Rojo is a huge fan of naps so he can get his beauty rest. Need a snuggle buddy?


3. Carley

Puppy 3

Pictured is Carley and her shelter sweetheart Melissa who says that you will fall in love with her beautiful, soulful eyes at first sight. She is super playful and affectionate and has no problem entertaining herself from time to time. She may be a bit shy at first but once you gain her trust, you will have a best friend by your side for life.

4. Simba

Puppy 5

This sweet and caring boy’s name is Simba and he is with his shelter sweetheart Nick in this photo. This young boy is bouncy, energetic, and very observant! (Especially when he sees himself in a phone!) Simba is always down to be held and snuggled so this little nugget could be the perfect match during this cold weather!

5. Thor

Puppy 4

According to Thor’s shelter sweetheart, Michelle, this pup is extremely handsome, sensitive, and playful. Although he may be shy at first, once he gets to know you it will be days filled with long walks, tricks for treats, and playing tug of war! This little love bug mesmerizes all who pass by so if you do adopt him, hold on tight!

For more information on these adorable little nuggets, visit the Monmouth County SPCA website.

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