The Monmouth County SPCA has received another delivery of dogs that were flown in just days ago.

The MCSPCA already has their share of strays, dogs rescued from cruelty cases, and dogs that have been surrendered by their owners and transferred from other shelters.

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Yet they are still helping out with animals from Puerto Rico to save the lives of hundreds of animals since the hurricane there a few months ago. There are still hundreds more people on waiting lists to get their pets into shelters on top of the thousands of strays that managed to survive the brutal hurricane.

(MCSPCA Facebook page)

The MCSPCA, this round, has taken in over 30 dogs and puppies that were flown in a few days ago. They are now receiving all of their medical treatments and will be placed up for adoption in the next couple of weeks.

The shelter's mission is to be a voice for the voiceless. They believe compassion has no borders and that a life saved is a life saved.

(MCSPCA Facebook page)

If you would like to help the MCSPCA with their Second Chance Medical Fund, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

You can also purchase and donate necessary items for the animals at the shelter through the MCSPCA's Amazon Wish List by CLICKING HERE.