What's going on Jersey Shore!

So a month or so ago, I wrote a piece asking the Jersey Shore for help locating this delicious-looking doughnut and ice cream explosion.

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The way I originally described it was a glazed doughnut ice cream cone with coffee ice cream and a syringe filled with...A SHOT OF ESPRESSO!! Lawwwwdddd....

I have gotten a MASSIVE number of responses from people about this dessert. I originally wrote this piece months ago and I am still receiving emails from dessert-hungry people.

People have not necessarily known where to find this dessert but instead, they reach out saying TEXT OR EMAIL ME THE SECOND YOU LOCATE IT BECAUSE I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.

Spoiler Alert: I found out where this dessert can be found and that it is not exactly what we thought.

The Doughnut Bar's Facebook Page
The Doughnut Bar's Facebook Page

The actual creation is a caramel doughnut cone with caramel ice cream and a salted caramel syringe. Still sounds delicious so no value lost there.

But here is the disappointing part: it can be found at a place called The Doughnut Bar which is located in....AUSTRALIA! WOMP!

So I am asking the Jersey Shore for help...AGAIN!

Since we would all have to travel to another continent to find this delicious treat, what if I got together with a Jersey Shore business to attempt to recreate our own version of this dessert right here in New Jersey?

I would be more than willing to head to a Jersey Shore business to help in the kitchen with the recreation and again, A LOT of people at the Jersey Shore are looking for this dessert so I am sure there would be takers.

Maybe we can call it "The Nicole" LOL!

If more than one business reaches out, there are many different versions I imagine this dessert can be turned into. I'm just sayin....

I am currently recuperating from back surgery right now...I know, WOMP!....but the second I am given the green light, I will be ready to get back out there and this will be one of the first things on my list.

Let's make it and then we can even do an official taste test on Facebook Live to get the word out!

If eating dessert on camera is what I need to do to help the Jersey Shore, well someone has to do it!

SO....if you are willing to help me recreate this dessert, email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

And if we can successfully recreate it, I am just going to say YOUR WELCOME to the Jersey Shore in advance.

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