Experts have predicted that live concerts will not even be a thing until the Fall of 2021. That is a while away.

But I stumbled across this article that may have come up with the perfect solution so we can enjoy live performances while still being safe.

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We recently told you about the Pop-Up Drive-In Movie Theaters that are confirmed for the Jersey Shore....what about Drive-In Concerts?

Think about it:

1. Concertgoers would be able to attend while practicing social distancing because the entire experience would happen while people are in their car.

2. Those working at the concert venue can be protected by asking all concertgoers to keep their car windows closed and just showing their tickets. It would be similar to how they conducted check-ins at testing sites.

3. Our live crews would be back to work.

Now yes....there would be a few kinks that would have to be worked out.

For example: What if crowds gather near the bathrooms or the venue's sales tents? Would the venue crews be put TOO MUCH at risk? What about people who don't have cars or who live in areas where cars are not needed?

So what do you think? Could this work?

Take a look at the original article that suggested this idea at

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