Now, THIS is what I would call amazing news.

So, unfortunately, we shouldn't expect regular movie theaters to open up anytime soon due to the pandemic but there will soon be a cool alternative.

A man named PJ Windle of "Back to the Movies Drive-Ins," found himself with little to no work for his self-run DJ and party business and has since decided to adapt so his business could survive.

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He has come up with a cool idea that will adhere to social distancing guidelines: pop-up drive-in movie theaters.

“Morale of the town needs to come up, people need to be excited, bring up day after day and bringing their families out to do socially conscious and respectful things without getting on top of each other like a movie theater,” says Windle.

His goal is to have these movie theaters at random parking lots and parks across the state and so far, Jackson has committed to hosting one.

There is also a possibility that Wall Township will host a drive-in movie theater at the Oak Tree Lodge but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Rumors are also flying about saying that this new activity could debut at Johnson Memorial Park and it could be opening in the third week of May.

These theaters would play classics such as Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day. They are also working on getting the licenses needed to play new releases.

For all locations, there would be a 5:00 PM movie showing for kids and then an 8:00 PM PG-13 showing.

The town would be charged a flat fee for using the high-end projector and screen and then each car would be charged between $20 to $25. Just bring a few friends along and it will only cost you a few dollars. To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

And this is kind of you cool: you will be able to hear the audio IN YOUR CAR.

“So, I bring a 32-foot screen,” says Windle. “I bring an extremely high-quality projector we cast that right into your car with an FM transmitter so you can get your audio right into your car.”

I am looking forward to this. This throwback form of entertainment is a classic. You bring popcorn, candy, and soda without having to pay $52.00 so everybody wins.

We'll meet you there!

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