So it turns out a rather common Summer activity is rather deadly...for the animals that is.

That's more feeding bread to the ducks or other water birds.

Photo Credit: Toms River Animal Shelter
Photo Credit: Toms River Animal Shelter

The bread actually causes something called 'Angel Wing' which causes the ducks' feathers to grow oo quickly which strains their muscles and disables them from being able to fly.

For swans, the bread will develop fatal gut and heart disease.

And let us not forget that the bread is bad for the water environment as a whole because it rots and pollutes the water. The bread causes bacteria and algae to bloom and when it gets into their lungs, it kills the birds.

If you do still want to feed the ducks and birds, give them lettuce, peas, or sweetcorn!

For more information, take a look at the flyer above or at the original post by the Toms River Animal Shelter HERE.

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