So, can bread ever be healthy?

A Jersey Shore bakery has the answer that a lot of you were hoping for: YES!

Calandra's Bakery sells their products at the Food Circus Super Market located at 853 NJ-35 in Middletown and they want you to know that they only use four ingredients when baking their bread: flour, yeast, water and salt.

Thomas Calandra, owner of Calandra's Bakery, explained that all of their bread products are handmade and have zero chemicals, preservatives or additives in them.

Because of this fact, their bread may not last as long as other supermarket products but the bread will probably taste better and be better for you.

"We know that bread is a common household item and we want to educate shoppers on why our bread should be at the table," said Calandra. "Our bread is all natural: It’s not bromated, it’s not bleached, and our semolina and whole wheat breads are slow-digesting, complex carbs with no shortening or dough developers."

Calandra' sells four types of breads and they are white, semolina, whole wheat and multigrain all of which have health advantages because they are made using natural ingredients.

“Our bread offers health benefits that include no cholesterol and no fat,” Calandra explained. “Because our bread is a slow-burning carb, it keeps you full longer. It gives consumers peace of mind; they know what they’re eating.”

Calandra's has locations scattered throughout New Jersey so take a look at their website. Sounds like a good deal to me so I guess it is time for Calandra's to take my money.

Take a look at the original article at or check out Calandra's website HERE.

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