How many of us get our nails done?  Oh that's right we are in Jersey, so pretty much every single woman reading this post.  Here is the problem, when we get our nails done we cover them up.  By not seeing the naked nail, we are missing big signs when it comes to our health.

Looking at  bare fingernails tells us a lot about our health.  There are many tell-tale signs that should send you right to the doctor but you have to know what you look out for.  These are three things you need to check before you get your next full set or gel mani.

If you see a black line on your nail stop the presses.  If you have this, it could be skin cancer.  A friend of my family had this under his big toe nail. He did not pay attention to it and then it got worse.  He went to the doc and it was too late.  He lost his battle with cancer.  Acral lentiginous melanoma is a type of cancer that does not play fair.  It strikes under the fingernails, on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.  

Another sign that something is really wrong is if your fingernails are separated at the nail bed.  If you have this, you may be dealing with hyperthyroidism.  Talk to your doctor right away.  You may also be experiencing shaky hands, hair loss, muscle weakness or heart palpitations.  It is amazing what our fingernails can tell us about our health.  

Finger and toenails are a litmus test for our overall health.  If they have changed color, if they crumble or if they have dimples you have a problem. Seriously, if you have dimples or holes in your nail beds, you should stop what you are doing and see a doctor.  Especially id you also suffer from joint pain, hair loss, or skin differences.  If you do, you could be dealing with an autoimmune disorder.  

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