As kids our mothers always warned us that our words were powerful. She was right, our words mean something and they have the ability to change someone’s day or even their life. But did you know that your words have the power to shut down your phone? Even Siri has her breaking point.

We use our iPhones for everything. By the way, why do we even call them phones? Calling someone is only a fraction of what our mobile pocket computers actually do. Siri makes appointments for us, keeps us updated on current events, and reminds you that it is your grandmother’s birthday.

We all know how to push somebody's buttons.  You can get them worked up in seconds and then they just shut down. Siri is exactly the same way.

There is one word you can say to Siri to make her crash and if you don’t believe me, just try it!  Go to your iPhone's microphone and say the word hyphen over and over until Siri has a meltdown.  Don't worry, it won't cause any damage but it will reboot your phone.  Shutting down Siri is one thing but what about having her help you turn other people's volume up?  She can do that too and it is pretty controversial.

Rob Hampson via Unsplash
Rob Hampson via Unsplash

Did you know that an iPhone can turn into a spying device that can act like a hearing aid and bump up the volume of a conversation up to 50 feet away? Yeah, if someone wants to eavesdrop on you, there is no need for a glass to go up against a wall like in the old days.

Here is how it works. Whether you know it or not, there is a feature on all of our iPhones called Live Listen. This will turn your device into a live microphone that will sling a voice to any AirPod, so you can clearly hear conversations that would otherwise get lost in the atmosphere due to noise or simple distance.

It was supposed to help people in noisy settings be able to carry on a meeting in an airport or other loud space but some pretty slick people realized that they can eavesdrop like never before. This is how you do it:

Tyler Lastovich, Unsplash
Tyler Lastovich, Unsplash

Go to Settings

Control Center

Click the plus sign next to the app called "Hearing."

Go To Control Center and activate the Listen Live feature

Plug in your AirPods and listen to hear what people really think about you.

Would your spy on people you thought were discussing you behind your back?

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