The Queen of Pop (does that still apply?) is out on her MDNA tour, and reports of her demands while on the road are nothing short of ridiculous.According to InTouch Weekly, Madonna's entourage rounds out at 200 people.

Who's in the crew?

She apparently has "30 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist and even an on-site dry cleaner."

They also report,  "she expects her dressing room to come equipped with 20 international phone lines, be draped in a special fabric and filled with lilies and white and light-pink roses that have stems trimmed to precisely six inches."

Who is measuring rose stems?? And 20 international phone lines? Is she letting her whole staff into her dressing room to call overseas? I doubt it.

And wait, she's not done yet!

Apparently the furniture that's already in hotel rooms is not good enough. She has her own stuff shipped in and expects it to be set up in the room for her.


I understand that life on the road can be tough, and that you want to feel as "at home" as possible...but this just seems like a bit much.

Though if I had the chance, I'd probably make a ridiculous tour rider just to mess with people.

What would be on your list of demands? Tell us below!

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