She may be a tennis pro, but Anna Kournikova never seemed to get the knack of training contestants on NBC's The Biggest Loser, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, she won't be back next season.

THR is reporting that Anna clashed with staff behind the scenes, and that one source called her 'a nightmare.'

As a fan of the show, I was intrigued by the new judges this season, but while I love new trainer Dolvett Quince, Anna always rubbed me the wrong way. She never appeared very compassionate towards the contestants, and very often seemed to say abrasive things in an attempt to motivate her team. In her defense, I think she was trying to use the 'tough love' approach viewers used to see from Jillian Michaels, who Anna was brought on to replace, but where Jillian seemed to be coming from a place of love, Anna just seems cold.

She is obviously a very skilled athlete, and knows how to complete a taxing work out, but it looks like her best work is done on the tennis court, and not leading a pack in the gym.

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