It seems like multiple people are thrilled with the news.

Jersey Shore 2.0 hasn't hit our TV screens yet, and they've already got enough drama going on for an entire season.

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Locals weren't thrilled with the news of another Jersey Shore show.  When news first came out about the reboot, on Lavalette-Seaside Shorebeat, it was met with disapproving comments from residents like "Oh no, please no Snooki."

And it looks like they got their wish.

But before we talk about why filming for the reboot abruptly stopped, I want to remind you that locals weren't the only ones opposed to it.

The original cast wasn't happy about a new cast following in their footsteps and took to Twitter to express their discontent.

A little dramatic, don't you think?

Why did Jersey Shore 2.0 stop filming?

Although Daily Mail shares there is no official reason from MTV as to why filming for Jersey Shore 2.0 suddenly stopped, they did have a couple of theories.  First, the show allegedly had issues finding cast members.

I can understand that.  After seeing the less-than-perfect reputations the original cast got, and how you need to bare all on reality tv, I wouldn't be rushing to sign up either.

The Daily Mail also speculated that the filming location troubles contributed to the issue.  This checks out since the original Lavalette-Seaside Shorebeat article mentioned the crew was having issues finding places to film.

Is Jersey Shore 2.0 done for good?

Per Daily Mail, it looks like there still could be a reboot for this controversial reality show, and that it hasn't been canceled.

Only time will tell!

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