This New Jersey guy is taking the saying "Mother knows best" to the next level.

Family is everything in New Jersey.  So, it makes sense that a New Jersey contestant on Netflix's hit game show The Circle would want to bring his mom in on the fun.

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Before I explain further about that, here's a little more info about The Circle.

What is Netflix's The Circle about?

The Circle is a Netflix game show that took off in 2020.  Players "enter The Circle" when they move into an apartment, and interact with other players, hoping to gain their trust and popularity.

The catch is, that it's only virtual interaction - contestants never get to see one another until they're voted off, or if they make it to the finals. (That's going to come in handy a little later on...)

In each episode, players rank one another from who they like the most to the least.  The 2 players who ranked highest become "influencers," and must choose 1 person to leave The Circle.

The most popular player wins $10,000!

Who is The Circle's John Frankin?

In Season 4 of The Circle, we meet John Franklin, who prides himself on being a very Italian guy from New Jersey.

Being a New Jersey Italian myself, I found him so relatable! According to his Instagram profile, he lives in Hoboken and is a comedian.  And it's very clear he loves his Mom, as most Jersey guys do!

Why is John Franklin pretending to be his mom Carol on The Circle?

Remember earlier when I said the players in The Circle never see one another until they're voted off or at the end of the game?  Here's why that's important: Contestants can enter The Circle as themselves (meaning the profile they create is true to their own life), or they can become a "catfish" and play with a fake profile - hoping to manipulate others into gaining popularity. John Franklin chose the latter strategy and is playing as his mom, Carol (because let's face it - who doesn't love a New Jersey Mom?)  So far, it seems to be working!

How far will John Carol make it on The Circle?  You can find out on Netflix when new episodes drop every Wednesday!

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