Vroom VROOM baby!

Thanks to Murphy, a new law just passed that legalizes the use of motorized scooters in New Jersey!

The only types of electric scooters or bikes that are allowed can reach a top speed of 20 mph. Riders will not be required to have insurance or a driver's license to operate the vehicles.

The intention behind it totally makes sense if you ask me: to benefit the environment and encourage others to use these scooters as an alternative to cars.

“Electric bicycles and motorized scooters offer a fantastic alternative to cars, and their use will serve to cut both emissions and congestion in our cities,” said Governor Phil Murphy in a statement.

Now there are a few issues that I see here.

A: Where are people putting these scooters and bikes when they reach their destination? Being that his is a newer phenomenon in the garden state, I am going to assume that there are no racks or anything just yet.

Well Murphy did already think of this issue and the law actually says that these bikes and scooters will not "impede the normal movement of pedestrian or other traffic upon the sidewalk." However, just because it is written on paper  does not mean it is going to actually be executed in real life.

B: Do we need to worry about these scooters interrupting the flow of traffic? You cannot compare these to regular bicycles because can those really reach 20 mph? Electronic scooters may be a tad too fast to group these two together.

C: Will these scooters be a threat to pedestrians? I am sorry but once again I'll say that 20 mph sounds a tad fast to me to be mixed in with pedestrians. Are there rules set in place? Do we need to worry?

Take a look at the original article at APP.com.

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