Let's distract you from things for a few minutes.

Picture your favorite cocktail. Imagine you in the sunshine, sipping your drink and relaxing....that is....UNTIL A PIECE OF THE PAPER STRAW BREAKS OFF IN YOUR MOUTH!


Well Episode 52 of "94 Seconds With Nicole" is here to show you the perfect alternative.

Introducing GrassStraws Official -- a Jersey Shore based company that makes -- yes, you guessed it --- GRASS STRAWS!

These straws are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Plus, doesn't it make more sense to use grass than paper for a Go Green initiative?

I got to personally use these GrassStraws and they can hold up for hours and hours! How do I know? Because my friend and I accidentally let the straw sit in a glass of OJ (with tequila) overnight. In the morning, it was still in tact and ready to be used.

Sales are mainly happening online. For additional information, reach out to Bob Farrell at Bob@LPS-US.com.

Thank you to Mario ForcellatiKristin Marie Church and Devin Jeter for all of your hard work on this episode.

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We will see you next week on Tuesday!

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