Most guys spend their whole lives trying to understand what women are really thinking, but one website has tried to shed some light on this timeless mystery.

According to the Strange But True website, here are some interesting facts about women and what they're thinking when it comes to love, romance, friends, relationships and many other things.Just a sample of the info may make most men realize they've been right all along about their lack of knowledge about women.

For example, 40% of women said they would consider dumping a guy if their friends don't like him. Or how about that it only takes a girl 1 hour and 15 minutes to decide if she's interested in another date. By the way, it only takes a guy 15 minutes to make the same decision. That could make for an awkward hour.

Here's one that says a lot about the communication problems between men and women. Women, an average, utter 7000 words a day while men only can manage 2000 words. And if men aren't talking, they must be expected to be listening, and you know how good we are at that.

And here's some dating advice for men based on what the website reports. Make sure you wear blue (studies show women are attracted to men in blue), guys should never talk negatively about thing on the date since most women consider negativity"one of the biggest turn-offs.

And guys, stand up straight!  80% of women formulate their first impression of you based on your posture, and that opinion is usually determined before you ever utter a word!


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