To avoid any extra headaches this week, if your drive usually takes you through Lakewood you may want to leave extra early or find another way to your destination.

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Ocean County Commissioners announced on Monday that two majors roads will have road work done in Lakewood starting on Tuesday evening around 6:00 pm, that should be wrapped up by Friday.

Project 1 underway is to restripe Prospect Street which includes removing the current stripes from about 200-feet north of Cross Street to Williams Street then to a three-lane section which includes a two-way left turn lane, left turn lanes at specific intersections as well as two through lanes.

OC Commissioners said that Prospect Street will be open while work is being done but traffic will be moved over to allow County forces to complete the project which should be done by Wednesday night.

Project 2 underway is on James Street as the County prepares to put in a new traffic signal at James Street and Williams Street doing some preliminary work this week.

Work begins after breakfast, 7:00 am on Wednesday, and this project should be done by 5:00 pm on Friday.

James Street will be closed while this project takes shape.

So, from Sunset Road to Williams Street local traffic is then being permitted from Sunset Road to Freedom Drive.

“We want our drivers and pedestrians to be aware that work will be done on Prospect Street and also James Street that will affect traveling through those areas,” Ocean County Commissioner John P. Kelly, liaison to the Ocean County Engineering Department, said in a statement. “This work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week. All the work will bring needed safety improvements to the area.”

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