Whether you are in saving mode or need a place to impress, knowing the price range of your destination is super important so it fits in with the occasion.

So the most expensive restaurant at the Jersey Shore may be a very important spot to keep in mind.

And the winner is.....

This hotspot in Red bank has fixed price menus with their three or four course menus costing $75.00 or their chef's tasting menu which costs $95.00.

If you are looking for some wine to go along with your meal, the Nicholas wine selections are $50.00 while the cellar selections are available for $125.00.

So on average, a dinner for two at Restaurant Nicholas would cost about $250.00.

A spot like this could be perfect for a business dinner or possible new client but if you don't have the funds, I would steer clear.

Check out the other most expensive restaurants in New Jersey at NJ.com.

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