I just saw something on my community message board that I've never seen before.  I was told, no matter what I do, please DO NOT mow my lawn in the month of May. Yep, my neighbors want me to grow it out all month long and if I cut it, I'm going to be judged.

I was thinking, "What?!?"  I would think my neighbors would want me to keep my lawn manicured.  Apparently, this is about more than aesthetics, it's a movement.  It is called “No Mow May” and my neighbors are emploring me, DON’T MOW YOUR LAWN IN MAY.

What is all the fuss about?  The whole idea is to save the bees. It's true,  bees are in crisis and without them pollinating for us, we’ll eventually starve.  I just did not know that there was something that we could do about it directly.  The outlook is bleak for the bees because they are dying off in record numbers. There are a few culprits, like pesticides, more construction going up, and climate change but as it turns out an experiment started across the pond in the U.K. where parks, businesses and residential homeowners were asked to not mow their lawns for the month of May and it worked, bigtime.

The idea is, if you allow weeds to flower that will provide food for the bees coming out of hibernation.

Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash
Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

This concept was so successful in the U.K. that environmentalist brought it here to America. This act of no mowing in May increased the number of bees by up to 5 times in the U.K. in towns that participated.

Afraid what others will think if they don't know you are participating?  What about making up a lawn sign that says “No Mow May #SaveTheBees” so people know it is a conscious choice and not that you are neglecting your property?

Yes, this can get tricky with an HOA, so you may want to check with them first if you are in one but this is an interesting way to give back without it costing you anything. In fact, if you use a law-cutting service it could save you money.

Of course, my mind goes next to wanting to support my local landscapers too and not cut them out of the deal, so maybe there's a compromise.  Your landscapers stop mowing for May but you pay them half-rate for doing nothing?  This way, you save, they get some money to not work and the bees get what they need.  I’m just trying to get creative here.

Bee conservation is really gaining steam and some communities have made this program a permanent feature of their town. If you want to organize for your town that would be the "bees knees".  I literally channeled my grandmother for that lame joke lol.

So if you can stand it, sit back and sip on some iced tea and watch the grass grow…at least for the month of May.

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