Most of the time, the people you message with on Facebook are "friends" and you communicate via inbox or chat. Well, Facebook has new fee now and the next time you want to message someone, it's going to cost you.

Today, I went to message someone who wasn't my friend and this popped up.


So, Facebook wants to charge me a dollar to send a message to someone's inbox because we're not friends. That's total B.S.!

And what is the "Other" box?


I didn't even know I had an "Other" box. Is Facebook telling me that if we're not "friends" on the networking site, that you or I are spam?


Just for kicks and to make sure this wasn't a leftover April Fools' joke, I clicked the $1 Inbox message option. Sure enough...


From what I can tell, if you have a mutual friend of someone you want to message there is no charge.

Even so, with this type of fee, is it only a matter of time before Facebook turns into a pay site? It's also very sly how they make all of their changes or "upgrades." There was some advance notice when the timeline structure was changing, but definitely no notice of the Inbox fee.

While I think Facebook will be viable for the foreseeable future, Instagram is catching on quickly. I'm actually beginning to like Instagram better than Facebook. If Zuckerburg and company don't stop with these shenanigans, FB could be in trouble.

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