No one can deny that New Jersey is an animal-loving state, but do you think you can guess which pet that isn't a dog or cat is the most popular in the Garden State?

We all know that some of us are cat lovers, some are dog lovers, and many are proud to say we are both.

Which Pet Is #3 In New Jersey?

There are other pets, however, other than cats or dogs. Have you ever wondered which pet holds the #3 spot on the New Jersey list of most popular pets?

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Many pets come to mind, and many would be classified as exotic, like maybe a snake or an iguana, but neither grabbed the #3 spot.

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That distinction belongs to the adorable guinea pig. It is the third most popular pet in New Jersey, behind cats and dogs.

New Jersey Loves The Guinea Pig

The determination was revealed by USA Today, and they used data that indicated which pets were searched the most online in each state.

Other unusual pets searched frequently across the nation included chinchillas, bearded dragons, and hamsters.

New Jersey is one of 18 states in America with guinea pigs as its third most popular pet, so we are not alone.

We Love Dogs, Cats And Pigs

According to World Population Review, New Jersey is decidedly a dog state, with 29% of the households having dogs, as opposed to 19% of households having cats.

So, now we know. New Jersey is officially a dog, cat, and guinea pig state, in that order. You're going to crush it on a game show.

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